Smell Of Progress

Pura Neurosi


This new musical project stretches its roots deep into electronic post rock and
shoegazing with some down-tempo influences, blending voices, guitars, synth and dirty
sounds into a uniquely compelling new sound.
The Pura Neurosi project began in Barcelona, in summer 2010, and represents an
intuitively fluid evolution in the musical trajectory of its members. Both come from a
classic rock background, and in recent years have dedicated themselves to producing/
djing techno minimal music. With a nod to post-dubstep Mount Kimbie, the witch-
house of oOoOO, and Balam Acab and Salem’s eerie atmospheric sounds, Pura Neurosi
has fused these influences into their own refined and alternative style.
Their first E.P. is composed of six tracks, and will be ready for release in the upcoming
months. The project will be presented live with a 45 minute show that reproduces the
Pura Neurosi sound using an acoustic and electric guitar, and Nord Lead synth.



Produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Dusty Cri at Desde Zer0 Studio during summer 2010 and winter 2011.