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“L.A.B.” provides fully dynamic interactive nights, providing a cultural context to each of their events. Documentaries in rotation on the development and content of electronic music and its origins will be projected at the beginning of the events. Live analogue performances are an essential part of these nights, DJ sessions will close every events.

“L.A.B.” is a circuit in which everyone is free to bring their own knowledge in the evening, offering documentaries, visual arts and / or live acts / music sessions, always passing a pre-filter to evaluate the proposal in order to maintain a high level and consistency within the project. Ultimately this is an active community with the will of reintegrates itself dedicated to all the lovers of electronic music and multimedia arts.

After two years of intense work hosting regulars live events in Barcelona, providing fully dynamic interactive nights with cultural context ,we now promote twice a month collectives, labels at Macarena Club, pushing locals realities and residents sessions, between Techno and electronic Dance music.
We start as well to collaborate with our sister project based in Rome, called Suck House Lovers, promoting fresh new Techno Eclectics talents with digitals releases available on major digitals stores and bold Podcasts from our based contacts between Rome, Barcelona and the rest of the world.

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“L.A.B.” ofrece noches interactivas totalmente dinámicas, dotando de un contexto cultural a cada uno de sus eventos. Documentales en rotación sobre el desarrollo y contenido de la música electrónica y sus orígenes serán proyectados al principio de los eventos. Actuaciones analógicas en directo forman parte fundamental de estas noches. Para acabar sesiones de Dj’s amenizando la velada.

“L.A.B.” consiste en un circuito en el cual todos estén libres de aportar su propio conocimiento a la noche, proponiendo documentales, arte visuales y / o directos / sesiones musicales, siempre pasando un filtro previo para evaluar la propuesta, a fin de mantener un alto nivel y consistencia dentro del proyecto. En definitiva esta es una comunidad activa capaz de reinventares a si misma y enfocada a todos los amantes de la música electrónica y las artes multimedia.[AT]gmail[DOT]com